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So I’ve been to Bracklesham bay 3 times now and never found a shark tooth or a ray dental plate, this was after hours of searching through the shingle on the beach and across the sand when the tide is out. I’ve heard that conditions for teeth are best after/during scouring conditions but I don’t live close to the beach. Can I go by the the weather being stormy or rainy? Also I’ve heard the fossiliferous beds can be exposed sometimes when the tied is out, is this completely random or connected to ‘scouring conditions’? Any helpful advice relating to best times to go and how to find out when the beds are exposed is greatly appreciated. Also any tips for finding teeth or dental plates? Thanks
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Chris G
I'm also new to the site and saw you hadn't had a reply. I've been to Bracklesham a few times and always find something although it may be only one or two teeth. 
Heavy seas can scour out the sand but they can also dump a lot too - it seems to be pot luck. 
Bracklesham has loads of fossils - just about all the shells that appear as a dull pink are fossils - the bivalve Venricor (looks like a giant cockle) pops up all over the beach. There are outcrops if you head towards Selsey.
Most of the ray plates are tiny - a few mm's, as are many of the shark teeth - you need to get your eye in.
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