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I noticed in the latest magazine that there's an event being held in Broken Hill. I was lucky enough to visit there while on holiday in Australia. It was a once in a life time experience. We were able to go down one of the mines on a guided tour, complete with all the safety gear & instructions on what to do in an emergency. You got to see all the old mining equipment & the machinery used up until the mine stopped working. You could even have a go with one of the huge drills if you wanted to. I don't think you can do the tour anymore however as the owners had decided to reopen it commercially. The main produce was silver, lead & zinc but the Mining Museum in town displays a vast array of minerals found in the area which is a must see. The main attraction there is an 8kg. tree made from silver from the mine, it must be worth a fortune. There's also old open-cast mines around the town but these are too dangerous to do any serious rock/mineral hunting. There are plenty of safer spoil heaps around to rummage in. I brought back a yet unidentified piece of some type of ore with some crystals in it. It was pale blue in the bright sunshine but back here it's more grey/blue with off white crystals in small veins. If you do decide to visit be prepared for the conditions, it is in the Outback. We were there at the height of the summer with temperatures in the high 40's & no shade,I knew I'd taken umbrella for a reason !!. Finally also worth a visit, after all if you're so far off the beaten track anyway, is the Flying Doctor Base also in the town. Broken Hill is definitely worth the time & effort of visiting and is a hidden "gem" in Australia's attractions.dubaioz_singapore_612.jpg dubaioz_singapore_632.jpg dubaioz_singapore_615.jpg dubaioz_singapore_633.jpg dubaioz_singapore_634.jpg dubaioz_singapore_613.jpg dubaioz_singapore_630.jpg 

Maggie F.
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