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Hi Martin, 
      Yes it is a good site.
      You didn't mention though if you sort permission to enter.I hope you noted that this is in a private estate and permission must be gained.

Regards Glenda
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Martin Welch
Broom Pit, Suffolk. Not easy to find - it is within a stones throw of the only cottage in the woods, and is now becoming overgrown, but my goodness, what excellent fossils for such a small site. Nothing like any of the other coral crag sites in the region - a far superior set of fossils (and big too - just like your photographs on the UKGE site). Forget the hammer - bring a knife - the crag is hard but easier to remove with a sharp instrument..... hammers just compact the matrix and destroy the fossils within. AMAZING - a must visit site. Thanks for revealing its whereabouts!
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Mike G

Does anybody know if Broom Pit in Suffolk is still worth visiting, and if so, where can I obtain permission?

Kind regards, Mike G
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