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These are pretty common - one I found the hollow was completely filled with yellow calcite, like a jewel - which promptly smashed into fragments when I walked home with it in my pocket along with a load of other stuff... :(
The one thing you will get from breaking rocks with a hammer is a lot of broken rocks...
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Dear Forum Members,
Objects collected from the toe of a mudslide between Lyme Regis and Charmouth last week.  They were numerous, some larger and some smaller than those photographed.  I saw a previous thread about these objects.  Has anybody got any further information regarding ID?


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Dirty Pete
Look like small pyrite nodules to me which can assume all kinds of weird shapes.
Sulphate reducing bacteria living on organic matter in the sediment reduce sulphate ions to
sulphide ions which then react with iron to produce pyrite.
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Pete, thanks for your information.  I did find a few small ammonites, I will post a picture in the UK locations section.

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