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This is the second fossil (hopefully it’s a fossil) that I found while digging in my front garden. I live in New Brancepeth, County Durham on an old farm. I found this about a month ago; March 2019.
My guess was it’s a print of a horses hoof. But I worry in case it’s a carving, but I can’t find any marks to suggest so. Either way I’ll keep it. Xx
Thank you
Denise Click image for larger version - Name: E1985784-9353-423C-ADB6-3A3BDAEEED8D.jpeg, Views: 22, Size: 515.32 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 7A247E3A-6376-4E1D-87B5-E6F2CDF03D77.jpeg, Views: 21, Size: 658.59 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 00213D9F-2A6A-4A30-B2D8-196A994581D5.jpeg, Views: 20, Size: 481.74 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 7BAB7ED6-F5B4-4810-A109-4069C170157B.jpeg, Views: 19, Size: 422.47 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 993F460B-87B7-40DC-AFD6-A0626F77922A.jpeg, Views: 19, Size: 524.38 KB
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Hello, i do not think this is a fossil; looks like a sandstone concretion that has been whacked with a chisel...

greets, Bert
the search is as valuable as the finds...
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I agree with Elbert, not a fossl.
Colin Huller
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Thank you Elbert and Prep01 I had my doubts but really wanted to find out for certain.
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