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Hi my son, who loves to collect fossils found this on Jurby beach in the Isle of Man just as the tide was going out. 

20200830_150953.jpg  20200830_150958.jpg  20200901_114610.jpg  20200901_114544.jpg  20200901_114450.jpg  20200901_114344.jpg  20200901_114323.jpg 
Sorry about the quality of photos, but can anybody help to identify any of the fossils shown its like nothing we have ever found before. Thanks. 
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I would say coral, but Tarquin will surely tell you exactly what it is
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Yes, corals, probably Carboniferous. Tarquin?
Colin Huller
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Dirty Pete
That's ironic, I was sat admiring this Carboniferous solitary coral yesterday at Ogmore by Sea, sadly not as big and colourful as yours.
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Beautiful example, looks like Siphonophyllia. (And Pete's is probably the same genus. 🙂 )
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Thanks for the help everyone it made his day finding it 
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