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I found these two items on the Sussex Downs and I am wondering whether they are fossils or just stone look a likes. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Kim IMG_20200104_105551.jpg  IMG_20200104_105537.jpg  IMG_20200104_105412.jpg  IMG_20200104_105324.jpg  IMG_20200104_105245.jpg 
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Hello Kimmie and welcome to the forum.I Not a fossil but an archaeoloogical find - I'm pretty certain it's a broken clay pipe. It looks as if it's full of chalk so soak it in water and see if you can remove the chalk fill and give it a bit of a scub outside as well,then go online and you should be able to find a site where you are able to compare it and age iit (roughly anyway). Keep looking!
The second one is a small piece of flint.
Colin Huller
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