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Hi all,
I had our patio laid & noticed this in one of the stones so I have no idea where this originated from. Love to know what plant this is (I guess it’s a plant)
Thanks in advance.
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There is no picture but I'll wager you have a dendritic mineral staining, caused by mineral solutions percolating through fissures in the rock.... common on stone slabs. Not a fossil but a dead ringer for a fern like plant.
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Thanks for your reply Rolo, I don’t understand why the photo didn’t upload, I’ll try to add it to this post.
Thanks again. Click image for larger version - Name: 0E4E2D02-FF27-4661-A488-6F61362CDFE6.jpeg, Views: 32, Size: 1.07 MB
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Hello Neil and welcome to the forum, unfortunately there are no photo(s) showing - please leve it a day or so, make sure you are logged in and then take photos in natural light with a scale in each aspect, a ruler is best .
Colin Huller
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Thanks for your replies, I don’t understand why the image fail to upload.
Ill try to attach to this post. Click image for larger version - Name: 459FE041-7FE0-4CE9-AA74-866A5F44B328.jpeg, Views: 16, Size: 202.49 KB
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Dirty Pete
Nice one Rolo, didn't need a pic. Manganese oxides maybe.

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Cheers guys, I will find a fossil one day. 😁
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Rolo, you should get a crystal ball and a turban, you'd make a lot of money... 😎
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Bill G
My fault. You made the same post 3 times, when I deleted 2 of them I accidentally deleted the one with a picture.

when a post doesn’t show immediately it’s because it needs approval first
Cheers, Bill
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