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horn coral?
down amongst the stones.
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I'm new to this and would really appreciate any opinions on the identity of this. It looks like bone to me. Found at Aust April 2011.

f1a.JPG f2a.JPG f5a.JPG 
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Looks like a piece of rib to me, so at a guess I'd suggest plesiosaur (since I think they're the most common reptiles encountered at Aust). I could be wrong though LOL.

Andrew Marsh
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It sure looks like bone in general shape, Sal. When you look up close, does it have that classic honeycomb structure of bone...?

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Can't see anything resembling honeycomb structure, perhaps its not then Unhappy, although the brown outer layer, in the shortest part of the curve (pic 1), really does resemble a bone texture?
Loves school holidays - cus every day can be a fossil day :-)
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Gary W
It doesn't look like bone to me, maybe a trace fossil burrow ?
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P King Chef
Hi sal,
welcome to the forum from a fellow Bristolian.

Intriguing piece, it doesn't look like the normal burrow casts from Aust but then again I can't see any thing from your pics that suggest it's bone either.


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its a interesting one ,,im guessing a infill from fossil burrow

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