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I am new on this forum.
I collect shark and ray teeth, mainly in the Netherlands and Belgium.

In the past I visited Bracklesham bay and the Isle of Sheppey,
This year I am interested to hunt around Herne Bay and perhaps Sheppey again.

Could somebody inform me if shark teeth also can be found around Whitestable since this town has many homes to book if I search for locations to stay in.

If not I am interested in homes or appartments to stay in Herne Bay the first week of June. This concerns 2 or 3 persons.

Thanks already for your advices. If someone has shark teeth for sale or exchange I am interested also.

Albert Hendriks,
the Netherlands
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Hi Albert, I don't think there are any fossils to be found in Whitstable itself, but a short walk West along the coast will get you to Seasalter, and it is possible to find teeth there. There is a review of the Seasalter site on the UK fossils website (under Kent and London)

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Hi Mark,
thanks for the answer. I will check the review.
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Guy Osborn
I hope I am not telling you something you know.. The best place round there is Beltinge, to the East of Herne Bay. Drive down to the end of Reculver drive in Beltinge, follow the track down to the sea and head North East when you are on the sea shore - if you choose a very low tide, you will see the collectors there. Pity you can't make the 3/4th March, as that will be the lowest tide this year (the only remaining low tide of less than 0.2m in 2018). I will be there and hoping to find a hundred teeth and at least two "good" ones. A good website to look at is:
Good luck,
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Hi Guy,
thanks for your answer. I read about Beltinge and I hope to visit it this year. Nice website also.
If you are interested in perhaps exchanging some shark teeth please contact me.

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Phileas fossilis
Teeth can occasionally be found on Tankerton beach. Nodules are present on and near either side the spit called the street also.
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Thanks for your reply.
I hope to visit the area in June.

I wonder if there are collectors who might be interested in exchanging little teeth from the  Eocene Ypresian of the location Egem in Belgium? It is closed for some years now but the teeth are of of good quality.

Also I have some teeth from the Eocene Lutetian Balegem Lede Sand Formation in Belgium, also closed. If interested I can mail some pictures of them.
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