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Found this in some clay at Robin Hoods Bay near Whitby the other day but not too sure what it is. We've had suggestions of petrified wood or even bone. It's quite weighty if that helps at all! Pictures show all sides and both ends.

Any help would be great!

- Aalisha

IMG_7044.jpg  IMG_7045.jpg  IMG_7046.jpg  IMG_7047.jpg  IMG_7050.jpg  IMG_7051.jpg
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Brittle Star
Looks like a Calamites, part of a plant stem, very nice.

 Never ask a star fish for directions
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Hello and welcome to the forum. I agree and disagree with Janet - it's Calamites in a mudstone nodule - but I've seen better!😐
Colin Huller
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That’s great, thank you guys! Just good to know what it is finally, been doing our heads in 😂
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The Carboniferous Calamites is close but, from its overall appearance and the preservation, I'm going with the Middle Jurassic horsetail Equisetum columnare which also occurs around there.
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