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Hi all,

A first fossil hunt in Dorset yesterday with my two children 8 and 6.  We had great fun and the kids were happy to look for hours even though we didn’t find huge amounts. I did find this in a large rock and wondered what it might be - could anyone help? Thanks, 7F6EDB27-65E8-41C6-868C-C8CE2753F933.png 
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Dirty Pete
Hi Frenchie,
Looks like a section through a solitary coral, Montlivaltia maybe. It's good to include a scale reference and a more specific time.....

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Gary W
Unusual find for dorset as I think the coral comes from the carboniferous limestone c350 million years old, whereas jurassic dorset rocks are c200 to 150 million years old.  It may have been brought in on rocks being used for sea defenses.  Nevertheless it is a nice fossil.
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