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Hi all posted the white one before, but been finding red ones aswell similar size and on scraping ive found what looks like calsite?? Strange one any ideas please also the stones came out what looks like a fish head fish head  approx 7 inches long they was inside the hole, stones are 2 cm thanks in advance 
PicsArt_09-07-04.25.55.jpg 20200907_162208.jpg 20200907_162354.jpg  

From Fish head shape

20200822_135720.jpg 20200822_135653.jpg 20200822_135634.jpg 20200822_135803.jpg 
20200907_163303.jpg 20200907_163240.jpg 20200907_163156.jpg  Click image for larger version - Name: 20200822_135752.jpg, Views: 9, Size: 232.18 KB
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Dirty Pete
Calcite will give off bubbles with acid (brick cleaner or strong vinegar). The rest looks like glass, quartz pebbles and the fish head is furnace slag, burnt limestone with gas bubble holes and a chunk of green/grey glassy slag stuck in it.

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Thankyou I've learnt something new I didn't now about the bubbles 👍
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