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I found this whilst digging an allotment in York!
It is about 5cm a cross, and will not scratch glass. 
I know that there is little information to help, but I wondered if it could have been brought down with the ice (as my allotment is near the terminal morain) , as I also found a lump of very good quality haematite, which could have come from Scandinavia?

I am just an interested novice, but hope that someone recognises what it could be.
Thank you. 
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Dirty Pete
Hi Graham,
Looks like this rock on the moon. I think you need a better pic to have any chance of an ID.

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Yep! It's a hopeless picture, but I don't think that any view will help. I think physical and chemical tests may be needed! 
That made me laugh - Moon rock eh!
Thanks for looking. 
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Thanks Pete,
Moon rock eh!
I don't think any picture would help. 
I suspect it would have to be handled and maybe tested to get a result. 
Thank you for looking, and for making me chuckle. 
Best wishes, 
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