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fossils-uk wrote:
Shame you didn't talk to someone that knows about ammonites at the natural history museum. :-(

Not sure why you say that - it was identified correctly as an ammonite on the NHM Nature Plus site.  
"It is a concretion which formed around an ammonite, which has since dissolved
away completely, leaving only its impression as an external mould in the middle
of the concretion."
"What a very nice find! it's a negative/cast of a Cadoceras ammonite.
I have been very lucky to find two specimens over the years on the Holderness
coast, one in a good condition and the other one not so good but I have a
similar cast to yours from a Lower Jurassic - Middle Lias ammonite called a
Pleuroceras, that I will try to take an image of for you to have a look at."
Best regards,
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Evening guy's,

Found this in a boulder which had fell from the cliff.
Spoke to natural history museum. One guy said he hadn't seen one before the other guy had two in his collection.

This is my first ever fossil find, bar a devils toe nail.


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Here's another close up.
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Dead easy to tell you what this is. It's the eroded remains of an ammonite caloceras sublaeve the two spokes are actually the molds from the centre of the ammonite. I have found many complete ones of this ammonite from Clayton and from down south. Interesting find. Same you didn't talk to someone that knows about ammonites at the natural history museum. :-(
Byron from Whitby
fossils-uk, whitby
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Sorry the species should read cadoceras sublaeve. If you google this some nice images will pop up to show you what I mean.
fossils-uk, whitby
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That's quite unusual looking, it took me a few seconds to work out what it was! The void would once have been filled with a very decent ammonite, and it's an interesting piece in its own right!
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Cheers Byron,
Guys were helpful a NHM, told me what is was.

You want to get down to Cayton bay, fresh cliff falls full length of the beach.

Lots of Oxford clay been exposed.
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That's certainly a unique perspective of an ammonite! It is so very different ( I like things that are a bit different!) that in this instance I think it's a better find than the ammonite that once was there!
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Hello, certainly an interesting find and you could use it also as a mould to make ammonite cakes!LOL

greetings, Bert
the search is as valuable as the finds...
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