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Hi all just thought i'd share a couple of summer finds from Beer in Devon Click image for larger version - Name: 20181117_113941.jpg, Views: 75, Size: 2.11 MB Click image for larger version - Name: 20181117_114138.jpg, Views: 73, Size: 1.99 MB
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Brittle Star

Very nice.

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I keep meaning to go there - did you find much else?
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Hi unfortunately not much. Finds are limited to fresh falls of small blocks from the cliff. These are quite rare. It also depends on the horizon from which they originate some are totally barren. It is also a matter of who gets there first. Long story short if your in the area its worth a visit but if your travelling a good distance there are prob more rewarding locals.
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Hi, nice finds. Does the second smaller tooth have serrations? It looks a little like a squalicorax falcatus.
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Hi yes the smaller one does have serations. Thanks for the ident
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