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I go to Chapel regularly. Coral boulders are common, along with normally a handful of gryphea on each visit and very well worn broken belemnites. That said, the beach morphology and ongoing beach re-charge has a huge impact on collecting conditions. If recharge has recently occurred then the beach is generally covered in coarse wet sand  - heavier pebbles and fossils tend to drop down in the sand and you often need to wait a while for the tide to "organise" the sediment. I would say in every 5 visits to Chapel, collecting is poor to sketchy. In 8 years of visiting i've only found two intact ammonites ( one very water worn ) and often you come away empty handed. Additionally , contrary to the field report , parking is not free in summer ( you need to pay at the cafe ) otherwise you get a a ticket ( i've had one ! ). If you've got kids the beach is quite nice, although the sand is better back toward Mablethorpe, and the outfall on the beach at Chapel can turn up dead animals and other charming things in the sluice , so watch where you swim or paddle !!. Take some coffee - the cafe is expensive and rubbish !!
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