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So, Saturday just-past, my daughter and I took a day-trip from the West-midlands to Charmouth, stopping at Aust briefly on the way home. It was mostly for her benefit (she missed out on a weekend I did in Charmouth back in March), and as a 10yo doesn't quite have the stamina for longer, more exhaustive hunts.


Amount other things, I spotted a corner of this fella sticking out of a clay slip. I believe its a section of Liparoceras contractum?



Aust is almost exactly half-way home, and I'd been hoping to make it there for a while. Not knowing what the bone bed looks like in practice, and there not having been a fall recently, it took a while to start finding things. In the 1.5 hours we were there though I found the below.

Any IDs you can make would be gratefully received. In addition, the 3rd and 4th samples, is it worth trying to break them down at all?

AUST sample 1

Aust-1a.jpg  Aust-1b.jpg 

AUST sample 2

Aust-2a.jpg  Aust-2b.jpg 

AUST sample 3

Aust-3a.jpg  Aust-3b.jpg  Aust-3c.jpg  Aust-3d.jpg 

AUST sample 4

Aust-4a.jpg  Aust-4b.jpg  Aust-4c.jpg 

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Dirty Pete
Hi Paul,
That's a hell of a day trip......
Reckon you,re right with Liparoceras, I've found a few there over the years.
 Apart from maybe a bit of rib and fish scales I think your finds fall into the category of coprolites, phosphatic nodules and indeterminate bone. You're lucky to find anything at Aust lately, all the falls have been from the upstream cliff and they've all been picked over. As for breaking things down.....what have you got to lose?

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