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It's not the best time of year, but I tend to just go whenever the opportunity arises- work, transport, money and coinciding family holidays permitting. I'm pretty pleased with what I did find, considering things were obviously well picked over. Most of the better ammonites came from one spot where a big boulder was acting as a bottleneck for debris, trapping the fossils behind it.

Lucky! I'm going to see if I can get there maybe early next year.
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Popping in again for my practically yearly post full of Charmouth bits and bobs... I got to spend an awesome few days there this week, finds are mostly little scrappy things but little scrappy things are easy to deal with when you live in a flat with no prep equipment so that's exactly what I look for. Felt like sharing some of them so here goes.

I chatted to a few people on the beach- on the offchance it was someone from here, hi again! :)

(I apologise for the quality of the fossil pics, my camera does outdoors much better than indoors. But hopefully you'll get the gist.)

Some location pics first-


Ammonite bed exposed at low tide on the Black Ven side


Stonebarrow side being pretty


A cliff fall, no idea when that happened but I wasn't about to go near it.

More to follow...

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Now the odds and ends XD Doubt the pics and/or preservation are good enough for IDs, but if anything jumps out at you I'd be grateful to know! Or let me know if you want pics of anything from a different angle or closer up. I can recognise a prominoceras when I see one- if not spell it- but that's about it I'm afraid.


Pyrite ammonite tinies. The very smallest one was in someone's footprint in a well-raked pyrite patch.


Pyrite multi found around the Stonebarrow area.I love this one, it's packed with fragments on both sides. I just hope I can stave off the pyrite decay for a while.


I live in hope that there's a middle in there and not a pyrite blob. :| Both sides are covered in hard clay- I've at least managed to chip some of it off, but it's slow going.


The usual pointy suspects. I have jars of belemnites by now but I still can't resist picking them up.


Crinoid bits and worm tubey things

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Pretty crinoid pebble


Little multi block of ammo bits. This was covered in clay and only the big fragment in the first pic was visible until rinsed off.


Somebody's leftovers. Found as-is on the beach near the cafe, someone's opened this and left it. No sign of the counterpart and the middle is either gone or under the matrix, but still nice by my standards.


I have a feeling the same might've happened here, only it's a bit more weathered.


Scrappiest of bits but I can't resist worn ammonites when they're pocket sized and weathered in an interesting way. I have a lot of paperweights <.<


Lastly, not fossils but I thought these matching edible crab shells were cool, especially since they were found on complete opposite ends of the beach- one towards Lyme, one towards Golden Cap. :)


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Thanks for sharing the pics and you have a nice collection there - especially for this time of year.

You didn't see me there but if you go again, do let us know. I try to go at least a couple of times a month.

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