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I found this on the beach at Charmouth.  The nodule is heavily pyritised but there are a few bones in there.  Could the thin lines be ribs in cross section?  Any ideas what the tiny black specks are - bottom right of first picture?  Thanks

IMG_1135.JPG  IMG_1136.JPG  IMG_1137.JPG  IMG_1138.JPG  IMG_1140.JPG  IMG_1142.JPG  IMG_1144.JPG  IMG_1145.JPG
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They do look like ribs, probably ichthyosaur, not sure about the other bones.
I'm not certain but I think you may have some stomach contents, with coleoid arm hooklets, which would be nice. [smile]
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Thanks TqB - very interesting. I will take a look at Coleoid arm hooklets.  Thanks
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Very nice find. Certainly looks like ichthyosaus to me. I would agree that the smaller black particles look as though they could be stomach material. Which side of the beech did you find this if you don't mind me asking?

Never mind the mud or the wind or tides its all part of the fun.
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That's a pleasing find; well done. I was down there at the weekend but pickings were slim 🙁

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Yes, picking have been slim of late, aside from yesterday when we had some rough weather.

Mark - I found it at Stonebarrow.  Just need to find the rest of it now.
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