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Might this be a large piece of bone? Found at Charmouth.  Thanks
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I don't think so, but I'm not a geologist so can't tell you wat it might me.
Colin Huller
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Looks very much like bone to me.
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Bill G
Me too
Cheers, Bill
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Bone. There is a clear foramen on the area of bone surface, no idea what the original owner was though. Is it heavier than you'd expect or fairly light?
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Thanks for the replies.  It is quite heavy.  I have found plenty of Ichthyosaur bones but nothing that looks like this.  The curve on the smooth side is rather vert-like - maybe part of a huge Plesiosaur vert?  I have no idea.  Thanks
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Yep, i would say bone but no idea what from!
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Weald on Bed
Unmistakably bone - and quite a chunky one at that. Orientation of the trabeculae is towards the smooth surface, suggesting the latter is a joint surface rather than the side of a long bone. Possibly the proximal epiphysis (top end) of a pliosaur humerus? Unlikely to be sufficiently diagnostic to pin down for certain but whatever it was, it was big! Nice find.
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Agree with Weald on Bed's analysis of pliosaur limb bone and likely location on the bone. A very large animal for that time and area, possibly uniquely so. 

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I’d recommend you report it to the Heritage Centre so they can record it. Nice find!
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