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found this morning; left hand beach just at the beginning.  I’m pretty sure it’s full of ichy ribs and a vert in the middle, also some small bones at the top but grateful for any observations ? Also is it feasible to get it prepped ? 4EFA5348-6B39-4C0A-AB2B-8235D59A017D.jpeg  6896F072-631F-4E25-B879-A6012EC12FD5.jpeg  F63C1AEB-615D-44CF-80B7-C456538A07B6.jpeg  B52CD266-1712-465D-81F9-C77FD5FAD4C2.jpeg  51B3F9E6-4823-4A04-9F31-C0C1272740BA.jpeg  2724065C-209C-4F7F-B374-4E82E224C040.jpeg  67F31276-3FB6-4224-82F9-437324F1B612.jpeg  0B575230-2654-4F21-8571-D2573D626ED3.jpeg  4EC4F75E-3475-4248-82E2-65C14BE6FA35.jpeg 
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Yes, the vertebra looks very Ichtyosaurus like; maybe this fossil can be prepped with acid, should be a nice piece!

greets, Bert
the search is as valuable as the finds...
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Hi Taylog1
Nice find, agree with Elbert.
Pics 4, 5, 6 i believe are upside down view as there appears to be cross section of neural spine above the vert.
Good luck with the prep, would love to see the result.
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