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Hi there 

noted on UKAFH that it’s recommended to have a splitting chisel and “1 or 2 others”...

Splitting chisel is clear in the website’s shop. Not sure which 1 other to go for?!

Also, not sure what the measurements given refer to?!

Help appreciated!

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Hello, different kinds of matrix demand different tools; for hard rock: stone chisels, for shale: a bolster( wide chisel), for soft clay a knife is best suited.
And it is also dependent wheter you want to split (a nodule) or just break (crush) to size the piece.
For all chisels: use a protective sleeve and remember that you can find another fossil or buy another chisel, but it is hard to grow a another hand or finger...

greets, Bert
the search is as valuable as the finds...
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We sell a range of hammers on our website.

discussfossils is an expensive website to run and sales from our tools site ensure we can continue provide this service. Posting of other links to tools is not permitted as it goes against our terms. 

We would never recommend general DIY tools as we have seen many accidents where splinters of metal can come off and cause harm (depending on the quality of tool of course)

Proper geological tools are safer, stronger and should always be used.
UK Fossils Forum Admin
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Thank you all for the replies and I hear your words, Admin....
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