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Hi All

I pulled this out of a clump of mud today on Monmouth Beach at Lyme.  I gave it a few taps with a chisel to see if the surrounding coat of hard mud would miraculously open to reveal the contents but soon gave up thinking I would just end up trashing the thing.  So if anyone could suggest any techniques to remove the rest of the hard mud I am all ears!  My first thought is just to soak it and then to try to vigorously rub off the mud, as it stands you can flake it off with a finger nail so it's pretty soft.

Also I'm pretty sure it's an ammonite but feel free to correct me if you thing I am wrong!


20200823_201655.jpg  20200823_201355.jpg    
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Hello, yes, an ammonite; looking at the keel it might well be a Caenisites sp.
if you compare it with the one on Andy`s blog, you`ll see it is similar.
Nice find!

greets, Bert
the search is as valuable as the finds...
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Yes, there is an ammonite, or at leadt a partial one. I would suggest that you take the flight odd a dart and using a small hammer, gently remove the mudstone (matrix).
Colin Huller
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Thanks both - Colin you mean the flight of a dart and not the point right?  I can't see it working but will give it a try.  I did try to wash some of it off last night but it took much longer than expected, producing a king of soapy lather when I rubbed it with my thumbs.  I thought about soaking it overnight but then read in my Guide to Fossil Collecting in England and Wales "Never attempt to soak fossils preserved in shale or mudstone" so ended up trying to chip it a bit with the point of a stanley knife which was about all I could find in the rental I am in...I didn't get very far so went to bed!

Where might I find Any's blog please? 
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