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Although not a recent find I hope it might inspire someone with more experience to investigate further.
10 or so years ago some kids, with unofficial adult help, created a BMX track near Buck Beck, a small stream, that runs through South Cleethorpes. At the time I was studying Astronomy and Planetary Sciences with the O.U. and was told by one of the kids they had found some 'rocks with bones in'.
It appeared that a brick building had once stood on the site (53.544741, -0.032313) and it's foundations reached down to these 'rocks'. Although at the time I called it 'Shelly Limestone' <<I now know it is called Breccia>> (see I am learning from you guys).
There appears to be two distinct layers: The lowest is a light matrix with crinoids and trace burrow casts. The other is a darker matrix with bivalve shells.
At the time I checked the BGS borehole records and they revealed that some, but not all, boreholes within 0.5 miles of the beck showed these at a depth of 1.5 to 3.5 meters. 

These are a small sample of the rocks I gathered from the site.

20180814_152425.jpg  20180814_152436.jpg  20180814_152446.jpg  20180814_152503.jpg  20180814_152524.jpg  20180814_152552.jpg  20180814_152601.jpg  20180814_152626.jpg  20180814_152633.jpg  20180814_152646.jpg  20180814_152654.jpg  20180814_152704.jpg 
The <<breccia>> 'shelly limestone' is very similar to the rocks in the walls of at least one church in the Grimsby area St Michaels in Great Coates (53.563128, -0.127455)

Edit:- All references to Breccia are in error.

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Not quite sure I'm with you here - you're not saying that your pictured specimens are breccias are you? They all look like shelly limestones to me! The breccia (with a local name of brockram) that I mentioned before is quite different. I hope I haven't mislead you?
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No you haven't misled me, I have done that myself lol
Trying to cram so much in off the net and then sifting through bags of rocks has started to make my mind melt. I think it's time to get a hand sample collection together to avoid silly mistakes. Sorry for the confusion.
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