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Hey guys I recently posted this on reddit and a user said it may be fossilised bone. What do you think? If it's bone what animal do you guys think it is? Found on the surface of the woodland floor uk Screenshot_20190910_182020_com.reddit.frontpage.jpg  Screenshot_20190910_205758_com.whatsapp.jpg  Screenshot_20190910_205754_com.whatsapp.jpg  Screenshot_20190910_205802_com.whatsapp.jpg 
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Dirty Pete
I don't think bone would have irregular shaped black,brown, grey inclusions. i'd suggest tufa, especially if there are calcium carbonate rich springs/groundwater in the area.

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Hello and welcome to the forum. This is not a fossil of any sort I'm afraid, it looks like a jumble of minerals but further I cannot say. In the future the location found and a scale (a ruler is best) in all photos really helps us .
Colin Huller
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