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I found these just before Christmas in the Warden bay area, Isle of Sheppey.
The first image is possibly a coprolite, it contains a mass of fish scales, bones and some kind of triangular pieces ?
I think the next images are of a crocodile vertebrate, (confirmation please) its taken weeks to prep the nodule as using an air incisor was to harsh and I don't want to remove any more material due to losing more bone?
The third images, although worn, is a fish. Any ideas on which species. I have just started prepping this one, the last image shows its lower jaw and a further large nodule which looks like it contains a lobster.
All in all a great trip to Sheppey.

IMG_0160.jpg  IMG_0170.jpg  IMG_0173.jpg  IMG_0174.jpg  IMG_0175.jpg  IMG_0177.jpg  IMG_0178.jpg 
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