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Hi guys I'm normally bloody wrong but hoping I'm learning something from this site, please can you tell me is this coral??  Found a few blocks located all together range approx 6 inch and smaller to maybe couple inch, only part cleaned the smaller one by 10p the cleaning process is a ballache, also are there any recommended methods please to clean items quicker or not quicker but less pain staking,   also the three black stones and multicoloured stone can you identify or just junk,  thanks in advance

20200911_115225.jpg 20200911_115059.jpg 20200911_153615.jpg 20200911_115147.jpg 20200911_115132.jpg 20200911_115042.jpg 


3 x  black rocks no smell on scratch, doesnt leave much of a scratch mark approx on concrete just thin faint line size approx  left 4" wide 4" width  6" height middle 3" x 3" right 6 inch x 3 " 


Coloured rock approx 5 x 5 the square and  5 inch x 1 inch fish scale looking one 
Thinking slag again ?? 
20200911_123914.jpg 20200904_110109.jpg 20200904_110118.jpg 
Many Thanks 
Richie  Click image for larger version - Name: 20200911_123908.jpg, Views: 6, Size: 310.70 KB
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Gary W
The first ones do look like wenlock age corals
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Dirty Pete
Yes, first lot are Wenlock corals, you can see the dimples, the black stuff could be lime mudstone or maybe even basalt from Rowley Regis and you're right with the slag. The bluey/green stripey stuff gives it away.....I'd use a jet wash on the corals?

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Thanks guys im slowly but surely educating myself with your feedback & knowledge so very much appreciated and ,Wow   what an amazing and totally unexpected journey ignited by a simple fossil find,  who'd of thought a day at work bored Shi""less would take my life on a different path, amazing, exciting  and a real eye opener on our lifes history A Big Thanks 👍 and a jet wash is the only thing I havent tried, never even thought of it Brilliant  🙈 as always very much appreciated,  Thank you 
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Could you please confirm where all these were found please? This is important so that we can check the geology, hence the age.
Colin Huller
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