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Hi! I was wondering if anyone could help me identify this...found on the Isle of Sheppey. Thank you in advance! 🙂 Click image for larger version - Name: 58FC82C3-CFC8-4809-911E-F66C62AE4308.jpeg, Views: 29, Size: 246.00 KB
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Dirty Pete
There's been a lot of these on the forum recently......
It's the internal cast of an echinoid (sea urchin) in flint from the Cretaceous chalk....something like this:


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Barrow Museum
It is a piece of a flint nodule, originally from the Chalk, (Cretaceous System, around 85-90 million years old).  The impression you have is a fragment of the test (shell) of a cidaroid echinoid (sea-urchin).  When complete, it would have looked like this, with improbably large and out-of-proportion club-shaped spines attached to these large circular bosses.:
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Gary W
To be exact what you have is the mould of the actual sea urchin ie the negative impression of the urchin test.
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