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So I found this fossil not too long ago in Sagres (Algarve, South of Portugal). I would be extremely thankful if any information could be given about him. My teachers have said that its either a claw or a teeth but the question is what does it belong to? Thanks in advance. 

The link below contains several pictures taken from different angles of the Fossil that I found!AlKFvJkTI0fWgpViBn0y0BlTGooyqg

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Double trouble.
Best wishes from the Lake of Constance. Roger.
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Very hard to judge from the photos, not enough detail. Could you take a sharp closeup photo of the fracture surface in good lighting (preferably sunlight), that would help in confirming whether it is a fossil or just a strangely shaped piece of rock. It is definitely not a tooth or claw, but could be bone.
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