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My son found this tooth opposite Itchenor, along from Bosham, and we are wondering if it is a cow or bison tooth, also how old it might be! Any ideas anyone?  D5762A31-6897-4241-8FEB-C107614FFB03.jpeg  6E04565D-B44D-4F88-BABC-24EDAE57CE46.jpeg  93E6FFB8-B23C-451C-909F-7D149154EE44.jpeg  327366A5-F352-4451-8E1D-2DF16914AFE5.jpeg  48F53E8F-00F8-4C2A-8F13-B8CA5A2098E8.jpeg  40B8022E-5ACC-4733-AC54-600B68A7F4AC.jpeg  0FB1BD2B-BEA9-4006-A280-82D3D02FA3CA.jpeg 
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