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Thanks very much TqB, I knew someone would be able to give me the correct info.

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Hi Folks
Just back from 2 weeks in Chideock Dorset, Pleanty of finds when the rain came. Need some help to ID a small crinoid block I found loose on the shore at Seatown, so could be from any part of the local beaches but more likely Seatown itself due to the soft matrix mixed into. I think there are 2 species included and one may be pentacrinites, but not sure of the other.

Thanks in advance.

crinoid1.JPG crinoid2.JPG 

Where are you Ichthyosaur.

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Hi Longbow,

That looks like a crisp example of the two crinoids characteristic of the top of the Stonebarrow Marl and overlying Seatown Marl - yours looks like the top of the Stonebarrow Marl.


The more pointed star is probably Isocrinus basaltiformis and the rounded one Balanocrinus subteroides. (Pentacrinites occurs lower down, in the Black Ven Mudstone.)
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Very detailed, well doneThumbs Up
Have a nice day :0)
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