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Patrick Burchfield
Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this, unfortunately there isn't a back story with it as bought from a car boot. We are in the Hull/Wolds area of the world. 

It is heavy weighing in at approx 1.7kg and measures 41 cm long with a max girth of 17cm. Although not the best pics it is as light colored as seems. it has a couple of what look like repares right through it which can be picted up in last picture. IMG_20180109_173514348.jpg   

Many thanks for any opinions P IMG_20180109_173436218 (1).jpg  IMG_20180109_173447795.jpg  IMG_20180109_173518292.jpg 
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Hello Patrick and welcome to the forum.
Havingso tittle information about it not at all helpful, but not your fault!
can you tell me - is it flint? (ie, can you scratch it with a steel object)? or is it 'softer?
Assuming is is softer, then I think it MIGHT be a sponge from the late Cretaceous called Pachinion, ~80 mya.
If it is harder, thenit could still be the same sponge or the internal cast of a sebed burrow, but I would say the former.
Colin Huller
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Patrick Burchfield

Thanks for the reply very interesting. Yes I would say that it is of the softer type and a scratch can be taken by the material. Just been for a bit of a look at that on net and there does seem to be similar identified from this part of the world, which is really good too.  Really appreciate the time there Colin has been a curiosity for a number of years. Really enjoying the site too, really good resource.

Thanks Patrick
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