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hi all
going to lovely paignton next week,

what sites can i take fossils from around torbay,

driven to charmouth from paignton many times, takes me about 11/2 hr

only have 1 fossil coral, that i found on goodrington beach, when digging in the sand


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Hi everyone,
I have been trying to research fossiling locations as close to Dartmouth as possible. I have checked out the Torquay locations on this site but was wondering if anyone knows of anywhere closer to Dartmouth. I have free holiday accomodation in Dartmouth and would love to make more use of it. Trouble is ever since I have been bitten my the fossil bug I tend to holiday where the fossils are!!!

Any info would be greatly appreciated
Loves school holidays - cus every day can be a fossil day :-)
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Fossil Shrews?
I live in Newton Abbot, and sadly other than the Torquay sites, good locations in South Devon are as rare as accomodation in Dartmouth! lucky you.
I can make Charmouth in an hour door to door, and Dartmouth is probably best part of an hour again (depending on holidaytraffic). So if you don't mind driving you may be able to explore the Dorset Coast line between, Exmouth and Charmouth whilst down in Devon.

Maybe with the odd day off to sit along the waterfront in Dartmouth to rest your feet!



Don't buy it .....find your own - it's worth so much more!
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