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Jason gates
she would like to know what these fossils could be.  She found them in the imported boulders at Barton on Sea whilst searching for sharks teeth. IMG_20200621_134732.jpg  IMG_20200621_134319.jpg  IMG_20200621_134253.jpg
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Dirty Pete
First one reminds me of the coral Syringopora, lone circular crinoid ossicle at 2 o clock. Second fossil seems to have remains of a crushed/distorted shell with a mud filled aperture/chamber on the left, maybe Goniatite. See what others think......
Carboniferous limestone sea defences?
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Barrow Museum
How about the second fossil being a longitudinal section through a Carboniferous rugose coral?

Pete is right about the imported sea defences.  I read that the older wooden revetments at Barton were replaced in 1991 with 90,000 tons of Carboniferous Limestone, quarried in the Mendips (Somerset) and placed along a 1.5km stretch of coastline.  The individual blocks of this limestone weigh between 2 and 6 tonnes, so provide a rather effective barrier against wave erosion of the soft Tertiary clay cliffs behind.
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Hello Jason as Pete says, all Carboniferous corals.
Colin Huller
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