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My young Son recently found what we believe to be a sea urchin fossil, not unusual perhaps but what I feel is unusual is it was found in a local field where we live which is in Standon near Ware Hertfordshire, quite some distance from the nearest coastline.

Could you please advise of who we could contact to find out if it’s of any interest.. 29E74484-A3B6-458D-9EE4-8D3EE09AA7CD.jpeg  66AFE25C-999B-4C99-A987-335B9A379D37.jpeg 
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Triassic kid
A possible explanation as to why you found this so far from the coast is that, around the Cretaceous period, Europe was just a series of small islands, much of it being under water. Great find, well done!
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Welcome to the forum - you are quite correct - it is the cast in flint of a heart shaped sea urchin from the chalk, probably as the chalk round there (bedrock) is a little too old for this  type of fossil preservation.
Colin Huller
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