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I'm 17, so I will (hopefully) be going into Uni next year.

At the open day they said that having a job whilst going for a PhD would be extremely hard going but it would be possible to go for one after the course (the Masters course I'm assuming).

Between the freedom given by the course, the fieldwork experience it'll provide and the general atmosphere of the department (21% Oxygen, 78% Nitrogen just as I like it) the course seems perfect.

Also, with 120,000+ Fossil and mineral specimens that students are free to just drop in and look at any time, why wouldn't I want to go?
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I'm hoping to enter a University course in Geology/ a Environmental Earth Science next year and was wondering if anyone here is doing/has done such a course? Did you enjoy it and what did it lead you to?

I'm currently looking at Geology at Cardiff or Earth and Environmental Science at Aberystwyth (both are BSci but Cardiff has the option to move up to MSci).

I hope to have a career in Geological research but have no Idea how research jobs work. Does anyone have any insight?

Thanks in advance.
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I went to see the University of Leicester's Geology course at their open day yesterday. The course looks amazingly with plenty of fieldwork and course options (including planetary geology).
Has anyone been on their course?
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Ganymede12 wrote:
The course looks amazingly with plenty of fieldwork and course options (including planetary geology).

Do you get to go to Mars?

Seriously though, if you're planning a career in geological research you'll need to have a doctorate (PhD), so you should be thinking  ahead (and budgeting) for that. I don't know how old you are of course - is this a first degree at 18 or a degree later in life with a planned change-of-career? The older you are the harder it will be to get that all important first job.  I'm sure geological jobs can be very satisfying, but I suspect they're rather hard to come by. No doubt others on this forum can testify from personal experience.

Whatever, good luck, and enjoy it!
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It may be too late now but I just tripped over this post and thought it worth a response.
I became interested in geology at school and studied it at Uni (Reading - dept long gone now). I worked in oil exploration for 5 years after graduating and had a great time - lots of travel, reasonable money, generally interesting but like most jobs some dull parts too. I left when the oil price collapsed in the mid-80's and went into IT. However I retained a life-long passion for geology and palaeontology and a lot of what I know I owe to my degree. Someone once asked me if I would do anything different with my life knowing what I do now - the answer would have been to stick with geology! The pressue of paying the mortgage tends to overshadow things as you get older but from where I am now I say follow your passion.
Good luck in whatever you do!
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Hi there! I am looking to get my B.S. in Geology, Be that as it may, I would truly like to get it on the web Help with - A One Assignments. I as of now have a B.A. from a physical foundation, and I would prefer truly not to experience all that once more. Is there an online school that offers such a program? I've checked a couple (Phoenix, DeVry, and so on.), yet I haven't discovered anything yet. Any assistance would be extremely refreshing!! Much appreciated!
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