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Hi guys! Hope your all safe and well in this extended crazy period of our lives.

I saw a post two weeks back where a collector posted a random Blue lias type of rock from the Dorset coast. It was confirmed as a well rolled Dino bone.

I have had   one of those almost the same shape for years, undecided on it's identification.

So may I present my grey rock for a professional judgement please, stay safe to all, and thanks in advance 👍🍻IMG_20200510_121320.jpg  IMG_20200510_121307.jpg  IMG_20200510_121938.jpg  IMG_20200510_121240.jpg  IMG_20200510_121232.jpg  IMG_20200510_121218.jpg
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Gary W
Does look a bit bone like, but given location is more likely to be a marine reptile (ichthyosaur or plesiosaur) than dinosaur.
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