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A great loss to all enthusiasts and friends - he always found time to speak to us on the beach with a smile and encouragement even though our finds were often not worth a second look! Colin was a true fanatic of our science who will be sadly missed by all - condolances to his family and I'm sure his soul will be with us all 'down on the beach'...... Sue & Tony 
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hope this not off topic here??


 Dr Colin Dawes from Lyme Regis ,who i had been on fossil walks with  passed away on the 15 th september

He was a well known character and gave me a lot of encouragement and support in fossil hunting

Sure some of you had came across him in lyme




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pete g
He will be sadly missed, what a professional, and a gent. Although i never had the pleasure of joining him on any of his fossil walks, i did chat with him numerous times whilst in the fossil workshop in Lyme whilst visiting Paddy and Chris.
Cheers Pete g
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I'm so sorry to hear about this. I was fortunate enough to have met him down at Lyme, and went on one of his Fossil Walks. He was amazingly encouraging and extremely knowledge in a wide variety of fields, very sad to hear this.


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I was part of the group out with Colin on the undercliff when this happened. A real shock for everybody and a tragic loss. The passing of an incredible resource of local knowledge.
Very sad.
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jurassic jan
How very sad, met him quite a few times when visiting Lyme, a real gentleman. Jan.
Happy Hunting
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A familiar face to my family when we had  holidays in Lyme a sad loss.

Be happy while you're living,for you're a long time dead
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Robert B.
I found my first decent find whilst on one of his trips - a 9th birthday special treat that resulted in a pristine Ichthyosaur vertebra.

My condolences to family and friends, he left quite an impression on my nine year old self.

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Jurassic Jim
My first fossil walk was with Colin.  A true gent.  Can still remember him chasing his hat down the beach in the wind.

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think most of s have had a hat moment like that

Colin was a true gentleman and a scholar, i loved the way he was enthusiastic about every fossil, even a broken waterworn gryphrea

i have the dvd he done its a fantastic programme to watch


Growing old is compulsory, Growing up is optional!
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Phileas fossilis
That's very sad news. His legacy will live on in the hearts and minds of all he inspired. I'm sure there will be lengthy write ups on him in many publications.
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Ammo Al
A true gent and a wonderful source of knowlege i saw him down on Monmouth beach a few days before he passed away .
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