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Very cool! Im originally from the Midlands. Have you visited Sedgley Beacon near Wolverhampton?
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I found these trilobite pygidia in Dudley in 2008. Could you help me identify them?
(For anyone who doesn't know, Dudley is on silurian rocks. These are from the Wenlock limestone)
The first I believe is from some sort of Proteid. It has lost most of the shell, and it isn't in very good shape!2015219162232_image15.jpg 
The second I think is far more interesting! It appears to have some sort of spine protruding, but it could also be a piece of the thorax!
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Hi Phil,
I agree the first one is probably a Proetid. The second looks like a Dalmanites (probably myops from Dudley). I don't think the protrusion is part of the pigidium, but a disarticulated fragment from elsewhere, drifted to rest where it is.

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