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Had a great morning with the family at Dunraven Bay today, great beach if you are in the area.

Came away from the beach with a bag full of gryphaea, a couple of bivalves, and spotted a few ammonites embedded in the cliff.

In the wave cut shelves we also found the following. It may be nothing, but the shape and the texture were very unusual and oddly symmetrical. Interested in your opinion on it. For scale, the head of the hammer is 17cm end to end. Don’t worry, it was used appropriately ðŸ˜œ40103527-65CB-4D63-8216-433B5D0B12B2.jpeg  D562224E-9B78-4A1D-8285-B7F91D118764.jpeg  CFE2866A-C332-4AB9-98DE-F0C086D4D3FF.jpeg  6DB28A31-9153-43E8-B636-B7B0A015A4B9.jpeg
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Hello Paul, I don't know the area but it's early Jurassic I believe. I think you have found a small group of a large bivalve called Plagiostoma giganteum.
Colin Huller
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