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Spent an hour at East Lane, Bawdsey this morning. The tide was far to high for where I wanted to get to but I had a look round for a bit anyway & found a small sharks tooth & piece of what I believe to be bone. I’ll definitely return soon when the tide is lower. If anyone can tell me anymore about my finds that would be great! Pretty new to fossil hunting Cheers6789B456-B242-4AAF-80DB-242BD85DE479.jpeg  0E6B4518-7018-42A8-AC37-A3BDA28FAE50.jpeg 
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Brittle Star

Not sure but the bone looks like it could be a tusk. Please take another photo with a ruler for scale plus shots of different sides and both ends.

 Never ask a star fish for directions
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Hello Tom and welcome to the forum.We need more photos of both from different angles and a scale (a ruler is best). Also, is the bone heavy for its size as I cannot tell of it fossilised or more recent!
Colin Huller
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Thanks for responding guys, sorry I haven’t replied sooner.

The bone/tusk is very heavy for its size & hard like stone. I have taken some images with a ruler, hopefully you’ll be able to let me know some more. 

Cheers BD38EE5C-1A29-4134-A98B-1C5AA2C85062.jpeg  89DA5D5F-5F06-41A1-98FB-E9C395D689FC.jpeg  357C4947-5F72-42D9-A8F2-ABAD011A51C2.jpeg  E87041EE-5424-4FD0-90DB-D0DA97AD70FF.jpeg  91B6B743-226D-4710-9015-87B443C3E076.jpeg 
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Gary W
It looks like bone to me, tusks look different, smoother surface and concentric rings in cross-secton
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