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While clearing out my fathers loft, I came across this print of an echinoid I must have picked up somewhere when I was a boy.

It shows some of the spines which is a nice addition.

However, I’ve got no idea where I found it. Most likely Isle of Wight or Dorset....,. I seem to recall seeing similar rocks around charmouth and shepherds chine, but really don’t know.

If anyone could identify the likely location I would be most grateful, as I wouldn’t mind displaying it in the bog.

Henry Click image for larger version - Name: D09FF354-B0CE-4DE0-B8E3-D43AAD1A8643.jpeg, Views: 58, Size: 1.87 MB Click image for larger version - Name: 7280E973-E0A7-457F-994A-40E4DA3136C5.jpeg, Views: 55, Size: 1.87 MB
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What a brilliant find! From your photo it looks as if it's in Chert? I am not very good with Chert, but I would say it's slightly more likely to be from the Greensand at Golden Cap.
Colin Huller
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Gary W
I would say flint ( which is a type of chert). The find is very rare as it shows both the imprint of the test and spines attached.
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