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Hi all,
Here is a block that I found today at Penarth (South Wales). It contains 1 (and a half) echinoids with associated spines - it is quite eroded but would probably benefit from some air abrasion.
Does anyone know a fossil preparator in the Bristol area that might be able to do this? Thanks 😊
-Phil Click image for larger version - Name: AC97D557-3D9A-4E7B-9B89-20F44C0FCF1C.jpeg, Views: 68, Size: 708.79 KB
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A nice find. These aren’t common there
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What a loverly JURASSIC find.
Colin Huller
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I was there recently and found similar. Nice. Click image for larger version - Name: B3F4A562-AA40-4938-BD0D-6E1712DD8BD3.jpeg, Views: 34, Size: 1.32 MB
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