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I agree, most likely shell fragments, but see the worn lobster from the Upper Greensand in the link below, from Lyme Regis, it bears some similarity.

If you don't look, you won't find.
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About a year ago now I picked up a chunk of boulder with a nice chlamys and other bits and pieces in it from the boulder field west of eype mouth near thorncombe beacon.

At the time I found some odd markings on the weathered outer face of the fragment but promptly forgot about it until I spotted it again the other day.


Its a section through something but I'm not sure what - there appear to be two 'limbs' and a central 'body' part plus a number of dis-articulated fragments.


Is it a section through a lobster? Its pretty small - the 'limb' in the first photo is only 25mm long.












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Ryan, Very strange. Things like this are usually broken bits of shell, sectioned by erosion. Is there any chance of an overview photo showing all the bits arranged together?
Have a nice day :0)
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