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Hi all,

First time poster but wondered if anyone could help me out.

My daughter wanted some fossils for a show and tell at school next week so I took her down to Fairlight today braving the rain to see what we could find.

I don’t know much about fossils but one seemed quite interesting and was hoping someone could help identify it (assuming it actually is one!)

Have put some pictures below.

A49C8FBB-2EA6-4F82-B37B-B8DEF11AA58E.jpeg  DB5D23F3-DF36-442F-AE60-9D15C62E0104.jpeg  9373B2A1-53AC-47CC-8F18-31F580515F89.jpeg 

Many thanks in advance.
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You have a gutter cast, this is a water drainage channel infilled with sediment, a common trace fossil in the Hastings group. The small pits are often impressions of bivalve molluscs, (Neomioden sp),sometimes there can be fish debris preserved as well, shiny black scales and bone fragments washed into the channel.
It dates from the early cretaceous, around 138 million years old
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