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Good afternoon. I’m a very amateur fossil hunter - been picking them up along Bognor beach for most of my life. I had a walk along Felpham yesterday (chalk) and found some partial echinoids, a worn chalk sponge & also these two bits which I wondered about. 
The first one I wasn’t really sure what type of shell it is - we get a lot of bivalves but this isn’t the typical shape or size. Ignore the other pebble I propped it up with in the photos!
The second one is flint but it has very definite concave indentations and I wondered if it might be a partial mould of the inside of a conch type shell?

Thank you for your help and I will be back to bother you with some of the things I’ve picked up in Bognor another time 🙂 356B90F8-A9E4-4828-BEFE-9A571E07510F.jpeg  5DC91121-C745-49E1-BCA8-393208A2D6E0.jpeg  0A69016B-BDDB-467A-9B94-279613CBA12D.jpeg  283E2C30-9639-4034-8741-5124965F27C3.jpeg  135DB0A2-5A13-46C4-BA5E-1A89259371DC.jpeg  B80FEBE1-E29C-4990-BF94-3FA59EA88AF8.jpeg  E176FFA1-F658-4163-9927-FEB2A4E941D1.jpeg  4D9BBADF-4B9B-4A31-8CF4-AFC24A9604F3.jpeg
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Hello and welcome to the forum. The first one looks like the inner surface of a bivalve with matix adhereing) but I can't see enough of it to say any more and I think it has been dumped by the sea further east from its original location - it doesn't look like the correct bedrock. the second one as you say is flint and is part of a bivalve, but again there isn't enough of  it to say any more.
Colin Huller
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