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7046B6DA-33C6-4918-89C1-9086AEFED588.jpeg  3353AFB5-071A-48BB-B594-FDFDCC838D72.jpeg  B9CADCC5-12D5-4BB9-8FFC-50D26CFACF3D.jpeg  CCF1749C-43F7-4B86-AA4D-FFBF21C7DC35.jpeg  E4103EA0-C5B4-4D19-9C98-50B688D95E5C.jpeg  FC476027-540D-48AE-85D8-4F43B0818A7E.jpeg  29D0419C-D6A9-4047-9E81-6573DA38B3A4.jpeg  5F3751FC-9BB2-4DDC-8789-08F37EDE44B5.jpeg  098E253D-801A-454C-BDC2-181E4AAD023B.jpeg  BF0315FF-C314-4BF7-95F5-299FC0651498.jpeg  9F8B6DF3-90F9-4F54-9C54-E47B3581FB3D.jpeg  E0F2F84E-ABF7-469E-8137-2026398F4D57.jpeg  309EA2C7-F581-4F2B-A3E6-F2412DC68170.jpeg 
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So you have a pebble with some sediment attached (the pebble looks like Quartzite) in those first couple of picks, and a couple of pebbles in the other picks. No fossils here, sorry to disappoint!
- Brad
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Gary W
Yes just pebbles, first one looks like it has concrete attached!
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