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Thank you for getting back to me I will be sure to tell my son. He is only 5 years old but wants to be a palaeontologist and was so pleased when he found this.
We found it in Reepham, norfolk, U.K.
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As of late we have been
inundated with public emails requesting identification for items that have been
found, & due to the large number we're receiving lately we thought it best to
post the email/pictures on here and let all of you bring your knowledge &
expertise together to help us answer the questions we can't always get round

The contact of said email will be contacted to explain
where they can find this page to obtain the info, & to comment should they

Thank you all in advance for your help

the UKGE team.

Could anyone help me identify this please?

My son found it in the garden.


Liam Buddle


UK Fossils Forum Admin
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Hello, your son has found a sea urchin, probably preserved in flint and dating from the upper Cretaceous.

It resembles the species Conulus.

Whereabout is your garden? Knowing that could help to determin this echinoid with a bit more certainty...

greetings, Bert

the search is as valuable as the finds...
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Hello Liam - your son has done well! This is a sea urchin and yes it is preserved in lint, but I think it may be an Echinocorys by the look o it. As it is in lint, it would be from the late (upper) chalk and would be between 65 and 86 million years old.
Colin Huller
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