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Hi there, found this on the beach coincidentally a couple days before my first proper planned hunt and was curious if anyone knows what it could be? Looks like maybe a plant of some kind, however it does look to have tentacles of some kind also! Any help would be appreciated! 20200619_101704.jpg  20200619_101714.jpg  20200619_101655.jpg 
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I think it's a sea urchin.

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It is a sea urchin, or echinoid. Probably Micraster sp. It's preserved in flint,originally from the upper chalk, something like 70-80 million years old
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Gary W
Definitely micraster in flint, nice specimen
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Hello and welcome to the forum. The others are sort of correct - it is a sea urchin (an internal flint cast) but I don't think it's a Micraster. Could we please have some better photos from all angles and a ruler in each photo so we can tell the scale. Also could you tell ys as accurately as possible where it was found?
Colin Huller
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Maybe Hemiaster?
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